Sunday, 9 February 2020

Yitro: The Flow of Sinai

Originally published 2/13/09, 11:45 AM.

To many, the goal of religion is to attain a greater and greater religious or spiritual experience. Within the realm of Torah, though, the Jewish nation has already reached the pinnacle of religious experiences, the Revelation at Sinai. So what then is the Jewish religious experience or process through life?

Rabbi Hecht addresses this issue in an Insight from 5758 available at

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  1. I recently posted an essay that I'm rather happy with. "Tools & Goals", posted on Torah Musings.

    In it I prove there is a gap between "following halakhah" and "following the Torah", that observing the former without fully taking agadita into account is dangerous (a "sam hameves", a poison, in the gemara's terms), how each of our larger communities show very different symptoms that can be attributed to this problem (the popular part, apparently -- people like going negative), and then half a paper discussing first steps to a solution.

    My "manifesto" if you will. I would say that we teach halakhah, literally "how to walk", but we do not teach a derekh, a "path" we are to be walking down! Othodoxy is currently Off The Derekh in the sense of having numerous communities that speak of loyalty to their respective derakhim, but doesn't do enough to actually internalize them or a passion to "get there".