Saturday, 15 February 2020

P. Mishpatim - Midrasho vs. P'shuto

See Mishpatim 21:28
Rashi: "Baal Hashor Nakki"

The Halachah is "Midrasho"
P'shuto is something else.
So - as per Rashi - a Halachic translation here would be "al pi midrash, even though it is based upon Midrash Halachah and not upon Midrash Aggadah.  P'shat - while not anti-Halachic - does not [necessarily] imply the Halachot derived here.


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  1. Rabbi Rich Wolpoe22 January 2014 at 19:11

    Thus Midrasho is not exclusively Aggadic, it may also be Halachic.

    So, we can identify 1 layer of P'shuto and 2 layers of Midrasho

    1 P'shuto - How the Pasuk reads simply and idiomatically.

    2. How the Rabbis Darshan the Pasuk Legally to derive Halachah

    3. How the Rabbis Darshan the Pasuk Homiletically to derive moral lessons or "Mussar".